UNA Slovenia – Youth Section honoured the International Day of Democracy

UNA Slovenia Youth Section, a member of the newly established UN Youth Association Network (UNYANET), prepared a special activity to honour this year’s International Day of Democracy. Young Slovenian UN enthusiasts decided to collect as many thoughts on democracy as possible in order to publish them on the web pages of UNA Slovenia and UNYANET. The activity was taking place at the Bazaar of Slovenian NGOs in the centre of Ljubljana on the 15th of September. Visitors of the bazaar were invited to the booth of UNA Slovenia where they were encouraged to share their views on democracy, discuss the role of UN in supporting democratic processes around the world and given a chance to read Secretary-general’s message on the Day of Democracy.

The majority of passerby strongly supported the idea and principles of democracy but were also critical about its incomplete consolidation in many countries. Every visitor of the booth was given a chance to write down a short thought expressing his attitude, experience or ideas connected to democracy.

Here are a few thoughts collected at the bazaar:

  • Without democracy there is anarchy!
  • Democracy could be the best thing for the world, if it would work. :)
  • All different, all equal.
  • Democracy = representation and realization of interest of all people and public good.
  • The synergy of efforts for a better world.
  • In a democracy there should be joint decisions on matters.
  • Democracy is a responsibility of all.
  • There is no better non-utopian alternative to democracy!
  • The spreading of democracy contributes to a better world.Democracy enables free speech.
  • Democracy = human right.
  • War is over, if you want to.
  • I can say something!

Pictures from the event

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About Adriana Aralica

Adriana Aralica is the president of UNA Slovenia Youth Section and a member of UNA Slovenia Executive Board. She is project manager and leader of the volunteers’ group at UNA Slovenia. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and currently she is finishing Master’s degree in Diplomacy at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a strong believer in human rights and youth engagement in civil society.

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