eSeminar about Prezi

One of the main aims of UNYANET is to facilitate the share of knowledge among its member associations. To do so, UNYANET will organise several short online seminars (called eSeminars). The topic of each of these seminars will be different and related to the work of the member associations of UNYANET.

Pau Petit IglesiasDue to great interest in Vienna, we decided that the first eSeminar will be about Prezi, a new way to make presentations. It will be held by Pau from UNA Spain – Youth Section and will show all participants how to use Prezi. After an introduction and a Q&A answer session, all participants can share their experience how presentations can be more interesting by using new technologies or presentation techniques.

To attend, fill out th form which can be found at the end of this news.
Please note that:

  • You need a sufficient and stable internet connection to attend the seminar. A microphone and camera is not needed but highly recommended.
  • The eSeminar will be recorded and the video will be made public.
  • Do not forget to add you mail address to Doodle. We will not be able to send you the details about the seminar without this information.
  • If there are too many participants, members of member associations of UNYANET will take precedence

If there are question, please use the contact form.

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