UNYANET Media Workshop 2011

Worldwide UNYAs are youth organizations that initiate local and global activities on a regular basis. These organizations, compiled mainly by university students and youth are lacking the capability of informing the people who are not involved directly with the organization on the activities, projects and goals of the UNYA. This workshop, organized by UNYANET for its member associations, shall provide information and intense training for the participatants about the media and who to present the activities of their associations to them

The workshop will take place from Thursday, November 24, to Saturday, November 26, in Zurich Switzerland. It is hosted by JUNES, UNYA Switzerland, and supported by the European Youth in Action Program in Switzerland. The content of the workshop is provided by several media experts:

  • Alex Benjamin, spokesman and media officer of the British delegation, the ECR group in the European Parliament.
  • Jo Groebel, Director of the German Digital Institut Berlin, Cinema for Peace, UNESCO Global Study on Children and the Media Co-ordinator, Co-Founder of the World Internet Project (University of Southern California) (tbc)
  • Elinadav Heymann, Director of the European Parliament Desk at EFI,mPolicy Advisor of Foreign Affairs, Stage at European Parliament

Giving these organizations media-relations capabilities and tools will create a larger exposure for the UNYA in particular and for the causes of the UN in general. Since the members of these organizations are, in most of the cases, highly motivated students and youth, it is crucial that they receive guidance from young professionals already working in the field of media-relations, so they can carry out the goals of the UNYA in more efficient way. The media-relations workshop is intended to give a basic yet thorough understanding and knowledge regarding the media field,in a 3- day intensive course, which will be handed out by young professional already working in that field. For the application and prior to the workshop each participant will be required to research his rganization and the media types in his home country/province/city, in order to better prepared for the workshop itself. The applicants will have to be distinguished members of their UNYA organization that will carry on the information and practices learned during the workshop for other members who did not attend. They will have to be competent members who are most likely to implement the strategies and tools into their organization in order to create or make better use of the
media division in their organization.

During the 3 days of the workshop, the participants will learn the importance of a media officer in a NGO, study the different types of media (television, radio, newspapers, Internet and blogs), the different media exposures (international, national, and local) and how to work with each one. Later on, the participant will learn how to create and maintain a media contact list, write a press release, staying informed on the organization’s image in the media and the public opinion, and learning how to use social networks as leverage for their goals.

After attending these workshops every participant will return to his organization with media-officer capabilities, after learning the basic tools and information regarding the media field, in order to enhance their organization’s work, and spread out, in a much more efficient way the activities and goals of the UNYAs, WFUNA and the UN. The second aim of the workshop is to create a Media Officer Handbook, that will remind the participants of the material learned during the workshop as well as to be used by members who could not attend it.

This workshop is only members of UNYANET. Application and participation is availble through the member associaions of UNYANET. If you have any question, please send a mail to: info[@]unyanet.org

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