Your Page – Your News – Your Events

The website of UNYANET is on the process to be finished. We are only waiting for some features to be activated. Other features like a world map to show where the member associations come from will be added later as well. However, what is important the moment:

Your Website – Your News – Your Events

This is the most important aspect of our website: the possibility to add news and events by our member associations. We encourage all of you to write news and add events to share your efforts, projects and ideas with other members and people that are interested in our work.
As mentioned: The number of visitors is increasing quite rapidly and will even more with every news we post. This is also for your own benefit as the website is linked to every member web-page. This is also important for the calendar. You can add every event which you think might by interesting for others to be informed (even if it is not in English) about or to be able to attend. All news here will be shared with all other news channels we already have (news mailer, twitter, facebook) and will therefore reach a lot of people all around the world.

In order to write news, just register yourself at the webpage or contact the person that is responsible for UNYANET.

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