UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Youth is our future

“We must help young people to build the future they want. This should be in our hearts and on top of every agenda” said the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon on his visit in Vienna on Thursday, February 16th,  during a lecture on “Empowering People in a Changing World”. He pointed out the importance of young people and their role in society today: “The priorities of young people should be just as prominent in our halls as they are on the streets and squares. They should be just as present in our meeting space as they are in cyberspace.”

He continued that 50 percent of todays world population is under the age of 25. The challenges that come along with that fact are: education (67 million children without primary education), employment (due to growth of world population, 600 million new jobs are needed within the next ten years) and rights (freedom and democracy, especially pointing out the role of youth in the Arab Spring). The Secretary-General also said that he is not satisfied with the current work regarding youth and for that reason he will appoint a new UN-Special Advisor on Youth.

Let us support the UN Secretary General on that issue to raise awareness for the role of youth in society.

The remarks of the event can be found here: UNIS/SGSM/319

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