UNYSA Austria – Vienna+20

Vienna+20 is a simulation of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and will be held at the United Nations Office at Vienna from 10 to 11 May 2012.

The Vienna+20 simulation is organized by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria – Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA) as part of a global initiative called MyCity+20. The aim of this initiative is to bring the issues of the forthcoming Rio+20 conference of the UN to young people in different cities around the world.


At Vienna+20 about 40 to 60 students will participate by taking over the position of a national delegate, of a spokesperson for a major group or of an other entity. The goal is to get an agreement on a resolution which will be delivered to MyCity+20 initiative and through them hopefully to the Rio+20 conference.

Vienna+20 will be held with the focus on the implementation of sustainable development at the regional level. Informations for participants on Vienna+20, how it will be simulated and as well as background information on Rio+20 are provided in the Preparation Paper. It is necessary for participants, to carefully read the Preparation Paper and prepare themselves (eg. opening statements) accordingly. For the simulation, the Rules of Procedure for Model United Nations (MUNs) in Austria will be used. MUN experience is not necessary but suggested for key positions. Due to limited positions at Vienna+20, the processing and admission of the registration can take up to 5 days and participants will be informed, whether they got accepted or not.

Terms of Registration

The participation at Vienna+20 will be free of charge. Registration forms can only be accepted if they are completed. The informations are needed for admittance at the United Nations Office at Vienna. If a registered person doesn’t show up at the conference, without having submitted a note that he/she wishes to unregister at least one week before Vienna+20 takes place, a cancellation fee of 50.- Euro will be claimed.

More information about the available positions and the registration form can be found at the webpage of UNYSA Austria.

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