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Security Council, Tyumen MUN for High-School Students, 2011

Security Council, Tyumen MUN for High-School Students, 2011

It is very important to provide the youth with the opportunity to express their opinions on and suggest solutions to global issues. Model UN is one of the key global projects that allow minors to learn more about international relations and world politics, and additionally, to let their voices to be heard.

On November 1-3, the IV Tyumen International Model UN for High-School Students will be held in the center of Siberia and will gather 150 young people from different Russian cities. The main topics are the same as those currently discussed in the UN Headquarters: the situation in Syria (Russian-speaking Security Council), China-Japan Relations (English-speaking Security Council), and Language Diversity (UNESCO, Russian and English languages). The Futuristic Security Council will challenge the armed conflict between Israel and Iran in December 2012. The delegates have to work in crisis conditions, and the world community will expect the Security Council to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

The Tyumen Model UN Department of Information will cover all events both in Russian and English on Facebook, Vkontakte, Tumblr, www.tmun.utmn.ru. Follow all the news and wish our delegates good luck!

The gallery of previous events by Tyumen Youth Section: http://vk.com/albums-5717259


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