UNYA Romania – UN Youth Moot Courts 2012

MootCourts2012The UN Youth Association of Romania is proud to present “UN Youth Moot Courts 2012 – Justice on international level!”, a project of which the main focus is the simulation of juridical procedure  in front of four main courts: International Court of Justice, The European Court of Human Rights, The Court of Justice of the European Union and The International Criminal Court. This event, which will take place on December 7-9 2012 at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, represents one of the most important activities enrolled by the association and has the objective of giving the participants the chance of putting in practice their knowledge of international law, EU law and human rights law.

The UN Youth Association of Romania is a non-governmental organization established in Bucharest whose main purpose is the promotion and the encouragement of the UN values, as they emerge from the UN Charter, in the Romanian society and among Romanian youth.

In order to achieve this goal, UN Youth Association organizes periodical seminars and conferences, workshops, but its main activity remains the annual organization of the BISMUN Conference. The association plans to continue its projects in the most important cities of Romania, offering in this way the opportunity for a larger number of students interested in international politics and contemporary issues that our generation has to face, to get involved in its activities.

All the projects of the association benefit from both promotion and recruiting among participants at a national level and also at a global level, since at several projects we have had the honor to have as guests, participants from Europe and also Asia, Africa and America.                 


The project aims for the students to:

  1. Improve their knowledge of international law, respectively criminal law, EU law, human rights law
  2. Apply the knowledge acquired during classes
  3.  Exercise legal English skills
  4.  Get familiar to the court procedures
  5.  Exercise and improve their abilities of public speaking
  6.  Exercise and improve both their rhetoric and augmenting  abilities and pleading techniques
  7.   Acquire teamwork abilities
  8.  Get in contact with the multicultural environment in which diversity and tolerance are promoted


Taking in consideration the importance of the activity developed by the institutions that form the object of our simulations, the UN Youth Association of Romania will complete this project in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University of Bucharest, The Faculty of Law, The Court of Appeal and with Juridice.ro as main media partner.

For more information, please visit: http://bismun.ro/Moot%20Courts%202012/

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Ms. Honna Marttila is the PR Officer of UNYANET 2012-2013 and a former President of UNYA Finland. She was a trainee at the Finnish Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva during the spring 2013. Previously, she has worked at the Finnish Embassy in Abuja and interned at UNDP Jamaica and Crisis Management Initiative.

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