UNYANET Negotiation Club’s first session this Tuesday

The first online negotiation training of the UNYANET Negotiation Club will be held on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 6pm CET.

The participants of the Negotiation Club session are going to negotiate cases developed by expert centers such as the University of Harvard, organize role-plays, and play learning-by-doing activities online. Participants from all UNYANET member countries help each other get better negotiators while getting to know other cultures and cultural customs when negotiating. In a globalized and modern world, negotiations will take place throughout the whole world, without travelling, but via online negotiations. At this point the UNYANET Negotiation Club, originally founded by UNYSA Austria in 2010, helps to provide students to get a first and sustainable experience in this new field of business negotiations.
Topics range from job interviews to business negotiations and conflict management.

A solid internet connection, a webcam and a headset are needed for the session.
The case for the negotiations will be distributed to the registered participants by email in advance on Tuesday and some time for preparing will also be allocated during the online session. The session will start with a short introduction and some time for preparation. Then the participants will negotiate with a partner privately (in a separated room), and afterwards, everyone will meet again for feedback in the main room.

For more information and registration by Tuesday 12 March 2013 12pm CET, please visit the project page and contact UNYANET Negotiation Club Officer Bernd Hermann at [email protected].

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