Summer School Focused on the United Nations has been a Successfully Concluded

Former President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk addressing the youth during the summer school. Photo: UNA Slovenia YS

Between the 9th and the 13th of September 2013, the United Nations Association of Slovenia Youth Section organized a summer school on the topic of the United Nations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

The official opening was attended by the honorary speaker, former President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk, who delivered a speech on his views about the role of the UN. Dr Türk addressed a number of security issues that are globally present, especially in Syria, Mali and also in the context of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Emil Ferjančič, the Head of the Department for Global Challenges on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), introduced the role of Slovenia in the field of global challenges. Moreover, Dr. Melita Gabrič from the Human Rights Department of the MFA presented the role of Slovenia in the field of human rights. The first day of summer school ended with a lecture by professor Dr. Zlatko Šabič on the origins, structure and functioning of the UN.

On September 10th, the participants of the summer school met the Director of UNIS Vienna, Janos Tisovszky, who presented the current challenges of the UN, including the unemployment rate for youth as well as the youth employment opportunities within the UN. Finally, Gašper Hrastelj, Deputy Secretary General of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, presented the role of UNESCO in the system of the UN.

On September 11th, the program started with assistant professor Dr. Milan Brglez from the Faculty of Social Sciences, who had a lecture about the UN and the regime of human rights protection. Later on, Dr. Maja Bučar from the Faculty of Social Sciences introduced the topic of development cooperation. Participants ended the third day of the summer school with a workshop on negotiations which was carried out by Dr. Marjan Svetličič from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

On September 12th, Dr. Marijan Ivanuša, the Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Office in Slovenia, presented the role of the WHO in the UN system. In the afternoon, the participants jumped into the roles of the delegates and participated in the simulation of the UN General Assembly on the topic of the Development Agenda after 2015. The simulation was chaired by Karolina Praček, President of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club, which operates within the UNA Slovenia Youth Section.

The program for the last day began with a presentation of UNICEF, prepared by Maša Gorjup, the Executive Director’s Advisor for Public Relations at the Slovenian Foundation for UNICEF. The summer school finished with a fruitful discussion about the Millennium Development Goals, which was carried out by UNA Slovenia volunteers, Mojca Kovač and Amadea Jesenovec.

Summer School was attended by 50 participants, aged between 18 and 29 years old. The UN cover a broad spectrum of activities that affect the life of every individual. During five days of the summer school, participants learned about the structure of the UN, aims, objectives, scope of the activities and current challenges of the international community, through seminars that were carried out by experts in specific fields, as well as interactive workshops and discussions aimed at promoting reflection on the society and globalization and critical evaluation of current issues in today’s world

Director of UNIS Vienna, Janos Tisovszky, with some of the participants during the summer school at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. Photo: UNA Slovenia YS


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