Ban Ki-Moon meets young Germans

Future? Only with us! Young Germans present demands to the UN for a sustainable future

Berlin. As part of his official visit to Germany, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met with 19 young people. The talk focused on “Challenges for a sustainable future” and was organized by UNA Germany. In the end, the young people presented their demands to the UN for a sustainable future.

Ban Ki-moon encouraged the young people in their engagement for a global, sustainable and holistic thinking and asked them to become global citizens. “Invest your dreams and energy,” said the Secretary-General. But he also called upon the young people not to forget about different realities. “This world needs your passion and compassion,” said Ban.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon discussed with young people from Germany about "Challenges for a Sustainable Future".

The young people demanded a holistic understanding of sustainability, which combines ecological, economic and social action.They also stressed the importance of education as a key solution. “Education for sustainable development needs to become an inherent part of school curricula around the world, so that people can decide for a sustainable lifestyle”, demanded the representatives of Youth Organisations.

Tjalke Weber (UNYANET Presidency) introduced the idea of Green Conference Management as a way of sharing green technologies. She also pointed out that sustainability is often interlinked with the question of survival. Ban Ki-Moon agreed by stating that “food comes first, education is second. People need to satisfy their hunger for food before they can satisfy their hunger for knowlegde.” Therefore, he has launched the Zero Hunger Challenge and a Global Initiative on Education.

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Tjalke Weber is President of UNYANET. The M.A. Student in International Politics has been engaged with Model United Nations, UN Youth Associations and Youth-led NGOs since 2006. She works for Youth Empowerment, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development on a local, national and international level. Tjalke is passionate about Politics, Diplomacy, Journalism, Languages and Travels.

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