Ksenija Benedetti’s Lecture on the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia

protocol1On 17th April 2014 the United Nations Association of Slovenia invited Mrs. Ksenija Benedetti, Chief of the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia (RS), to hold a lecture at the Faculty of Social Sciences on the work of the protocol of the Republic of Slovenia.

She explained who is in charge of the state visits to the Heads of State or Government of the RS, who coordinates the protocol functions during state visits of the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister abroad, hands over his credentials to the President of the Republic, and signs treaties and other official documents, who takes care of the protocol at national celebrations etc. Mrs. Benedetti highlighted the work of the Protocol, its assignments and the way of fulfilling the tasks, while the lecture was further enriched with anecdotes and little incidents from her 14-year career in the function as Chief of State Protocol.


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