FinMUN: Youth in Arctic Security and the Environment

Finnish Model United Nations conference 2017: The Arctic

Welcome to the FinMUN2017 conference, organized in Helsinki in April 5-8. FinMUN is the only university level model UN organized in Finland. Our specialty is that we are quite a small conference, which makes it easy for the delegates to get to know everyone. Due to this, it is also a good conference for people trying out MUNs for the first time. And of course, we offer our participants first-hand experience of sauna diplomacy at our traditional sauna evening!

This year our theme for the conference is the Arctic. We chose the Arctic as a theme because Finland will be chairing the Arctic council from May 2017 onwards. We also believe the Arctic to be an important region, with a unique environment and geographical location. The region is affected both by climate change and territorial claims. Therefore we want to invite our participants to discuss the Arctic both from security-related matters, as well as from an environmental perspective.

We are simulating two committees and the topics for the committees are:

Security Council:
1. Demilitarization of the Arctic
2. Oil drilling and security in the Arctic

United Nations Environment Assembly:
1. Minority rights and Arctic environmental protection
2. Sustainable tourism in the Arctic

On top of the simulations, we have a lot of educational and social programme planned for you!
We will be visiting both the Swedish Embassy (Security Council delegates) and the US Embassy (UNEA delegates) in Helsinki, to hear more about their work in relation to both Finland and the UN, as well as their position in Arctic-related issues. Moreover, we will be visiting the Finnish Ministry of the Environment to also hear about their work related to the Arctic.

On the first day of the conference, the participants are invited to the Opening ceremony, where we have the honour to present speakers who will give us their own point of view on matters related to the Arctic and the UN. First, we have the Canadian Trade Commissioner from the Embassy of Canada, Francis Uy. Our second speaker is the UN Youth Delegate of Finland, and we hope that here speech will inspire our participants to becoming UN Youth representatives in their own countries! Last, but not least, our third speaker will be Merja Helander, a photographer who will give us an artistic point of view to Arctic matters, as she has been photographing mainly in that region. After the Opening Ceremony we will be welcomed by the Helsinki City Council to a reception in the beautiful capital of Finland.

Our social evening programme includes the traditional sauna evening, a tapas dinner and a traditional Finnish sitsit party, where we eat dinner and sing, all night long! All this is included in the delegation fee.

There is still time to apply as a delegate, application period ends on Sunday March 12, at 21:00. Find more information on Facebook:

We hope to see you in April!

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