Belgrade International Model United Nations – BIMUN 2017

Once more Belgrade was a center for young people who are seeking the opportunity to learn more about the UN system and the world of diplomacy. As every year in March, United Nations Association of Serbia organizes this Model UN conference for ambitious university and high school students. It is our goal to connect young people of the world so that they can exchange their knowledge and good practices through using UN tools and procedures for that. For 14th year in a row this method showed to be very successful and we can proudly say that we will continue to work on the same project with the same compassion in the future.
The overall topic of this years conference was “Global Governance for the 21st Century” and around 250 foreign and domestic participants were present.

This year at BIMUN we had the opportunity to offer experience from the United Nations through simulation of the six very important UN bodies. Committees and topics at this year`s BIMUN were:

  • Security Council “Non-state Actors as a Danger to International Peace and Security”
  • Security Council, Crisis Committee “Situation on the Arabian Peninsula”
  • UN Economic and Social Council “The Role of Multinational Corporation in Sustainable Development”
  • Human Rights Council “Xenophobia as a Threat to Human Rights”
  • UN Environment Assembly “Renewable Energy Sources as a Basis of Sustainable Development”
  • UNESCO – World Heritage Committee “Preventing of Extremism Through Fostering Global Citizenship”

BIMUN Junior conference put the focus on the next topics:

  • General Assembly “Plan for preventing violent extremism”
  • Security Council “Security Situation in Nigeria – Security Crisis and Activities of Boko Haram”
  • Human Rights Council “The Migrant Crisis”

It is very important to say that we are especially proud on our younger colleagues for taking part in our conference. In some way they showed us at high school students are more willing to take participation at Model UN because we needed to extend the available places and the number of participants exceeded 250. That is one more proof that UNA Serbia is offering a high quality projects for the young people and we will continue to do so in the future also.

Beside the formal discussions in the committee chambers there is another part of BIMUN, which is equally important from diplomatic point of view, and those are social events. Negotiations and lobbying can not every time be done successfully during the formal consultations and that is why every night at BIMUN was devoted to socialization. On the other hand this is youth conference so it is somehow normal to be more relax and less strict.

This year we had the opportunity to arrange for our participant a discussion in Dialogue Café Belgrade which is also a project organized and implemented by the UNA Serbia. The topic of discussion was about youth participation in peace building with the special emphasize on the Balkan region. This was great opportunity to hear opinion from the young people of Croatia, Albania, Slovenia and Serbia on this situation. But also it was good to hear somehow different opinions from the youth of The Netherlands, United States, Kenya and The Philippines. Bearing in mind all the good experiences from this idea we will certainly continue to develop this initiative in the forthcoming years.

In conclusion, I can say that this BIMUN was certainly a great opportunity in every way which is recognized both by participants and from the organizing team. I hope that BIMUN will continue to progress and develop more in the future. And I am sure that there will certainly be people who are willing to contribute to our common goal of making young people more active and therefore humanity more prosperous.


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