Bringing the UN and Youth closer to each other in Slovenia

The Youth Section of United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS) was established in 2011 and hosted the UNYANET General Assembly in 2012. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the United Nations and its work among younger generations conducting numerous activities throughout the year 2017.


Jazz Night for intercultural dialogue and international youth cooperation

The importance of jazz has been recognized and celebrated by UNAS since 2011. It is perceived as more than music alone – it was acknowledged as a way of bringing communities together, as a manner of communication that goes beyond conflict, and as a mean of intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and international cooperation. Members of Youth Section organized an event called Jazz Night that took place on 5 May in Ljubljana in which jazz was presented by some of the greatest Slovenian musicians in a form of a concert.


Around Slovenia’s primary and secondary schools, several interactive workshops, considering the topics of global learning, have been carried out. Pupils were taught about human rights, especially about children rights, intercultural dialogue, the United Nations and its purpose and work, environmental issues, global peace and international security.


In June 2017 there was a Water Film Festival organized in city of Bled. The Youth Section was present there as well for the awareness must be raised about the importance of clean water, sanitation, and access to it. Even though Slovenia was one of the first countries in the world that made a right to drinking water a constitutional right (in 2016), youngsters aren’t aware of the privileged situation they are living in. Therefore, the workshops and interactive boot were made available on the Festival for all that were interested in the scarcity of water and the conflict-initiator potential it has in some other regions.


Water Film Festival

In the beginning of July, the second Academia Aestiva Internationalis Summer School was organized, this year the global environmental politics was addressed. The latter is at the forefront of the United Nation’s endeavors, and to bring about positive change the entire United Nations system needs to face many aspects of the challenge. Besides, environment is inextricably linked with human rights, especially through the right of every citizen to a clean, healthy and productive environment, and other rights of the third generation. Sustainable development implies meeting the basic needs of all and extending to all the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations to live in dignity. Therefore, all of the mentioned aspects were covered during the very successfully prepared summer school, including international and European environmental law anf governance, pollution and waste management (also in space), renewable energy in more technical sense, the economy in connection with environment (circular economy), and also, the 2030 Development Agenda. The summer school was attended by 50 young activists and student from all over Europe. As the final result of it the participants were able to obtain ECTS by writing essays. The final works has been collected and published. 

AAI summer school 2017

Not even a week after the Academia Aestiva Internationalis Summer School, Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) carried out its yearly international youth conference, called MUNSC Salient. This year the title of MUNSC was “Hidden Faces of War”, since there is more to war than tends to be acknowledged. On average our understanding of armed conflicts corresponds to a scattered collage of images depicting material destruction, loss of life, back-and-forth military campaigns, and failed diplomatic attempts to reach a ceasefire or enable the delivery of much-needed humanitarian assistance. Salient 2017 approached war as a social phenomenon that radically transforms existing and gives rise to previously unfathomable forms of human interaction. The aim is neither to examine the general causes of war nor to seek better approaches to conflict prevention. Instead, we hope to unearth those dimensions of war and conflict that tend to remain hidden beneath the surface of mainstream discussions.

MUNSC Salient 2017


There’s also a major upcoming event in September 2017 organized by the Youth Section, which is another summer school. It’s going to be the 5th United Nations Summer School, which is going to address the topics of business in connection with United Nations, i.e. the cover topics will be business and human rights, business and inequality, business and international development, business and environment, and business and youth. We look very much forward to welcoming young brilliant minds passionate about the UN in Slovenia!



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