Apply for Membership

If your Association / Organization wants to apply for Membership, please follow the Application Procedure:

1.) Only Associations / Organizations can apply for Membership within UNYANET (no individuals). If you want to apply, your board needs to support this decision.


2.) Check if your Association is eligible for Membership (or Observer Status). The requirements are outlined in the UNYANET Charter as follows:

Article 6.)

Associations who want to be a Member of UNYANET must:

1. have the resources to carry out their national and international activities in a sustainable way;

2. have a well-functioning internal structure;

3. be able to actively contribute to UNYANET;

4. commit themselves to the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations Organization;

Article 7.)

UNYANET must be able to carry the workload of integrating the new Member into the network;

Article 8.)

Application for Membership has to be presented to the Presidency in written form at least one month before the next General Assembly;

Article 9.)

New Members have to be admitted by the General Assembly at the regular annual meeting;

Article 10.)

Membership is only open to one Association per country. If two or more Associations per country apply for Membership, or in similar cases, the Presidency has to provide a written case report to the General Assembly, including suggestions;

Article 11.)

Members are obliged to:

1. express their will to actively contribute to the work of UNYANET;

2. engage in cooperation with all other members;

3. inform their national members on the activities of UNYANET;

Article 12.)

Representatives of Member Associations within UNYANET cannot be older than 35. Each Member Association has to nominate one main representative;

Article 13.)

Membership is open to all legally established UNY(S)As;


Observer Status

Article 17.)

Observer Status requires the same criteria as defined in Articles 6.) to 13.), with the exception of Article 11.);

Article 18.)

Observer Status can be given to Associations working in the same field of interest and are affiliated with the United Nations;

Article 19.)

Observers have no vote at the General Assembly;

Article 20.)

Observers may apply for participation in UNYANET projects and events;


3.) If your Association / Organization does meet the requirements and has taken the decision to apply for Membership, please fill out the Membership Application Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to Article 6.) of the UNYANET Charter, the application needs to be handed in to the Presidency in written form at least one month prior to the next General Assembly. The next deadline is AUGUST 6 , 2017. We recommend to fill out the Application Form by July, 20 in order to ensure that steps 4 and 5 of this Application Procedure can be done in time.

4.) The Presidency will check your Application Form and the eligibility requirements of your Association / Organization and then contact you directly.

5.) If you receive a note from the Presidency that your Association / Organization is eligible, you will be asked to submit a Letter on official letterhead, indicating that your Organization wants to apply for Membership. This letter needs to be signed by the head of your Association / Organization.

6.) The Presidency will then contact you regarding further steps, e.g. a presentation of your Association / Organization, and possible participation at the General Assembly. At the GA, the members will take the ultimate decision about your application and you will be informed about the outcome in due time.