Member Associations

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Member Associations

1. Austria – UNYSA Austria

2. Bangladesh – UNYSA Bangladesh

3. Canada – UN Youth Canada

4. Denmark – UNYA Denmark

5. Finland – UNYA Finland

6. Germany – UNYA Germany

7. Ghana – UNYA Ghana

8. Italy – Consules

9. UNYA Kenya

10. Norway – UNSA Norway

11. Romania – UN Youth Romania

12. Russia – UNA Russia-Tyumen Youth Section

13. Serbia – UNA Serbia Youth Section

14. Slovenia – UNA Slovenia Youth Section

15. Spain – UNA Spain Youth Section

16. Switzerland – UNYA Switzerland

17. Turkey – UNA Turkey Youth Section

18. Uganda – UNA Uganda Youth Section

United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria
  • Akademisches Forum für Aussenpolitik – Hochschulliga für die Vereinten Nationen (AFA)
  • postal adress: Johannesgasse 2/2/32, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
  • year of establishment: 1991
  • age limit for membership: 35
  • number of members: 6000
  • main aim: promoting ideals and goals of the United Nations, education of youth
  • main projects: VIMUN, MUN clubs, debating clubs, negotiation clubs, lectures, Global Advancement Programme
  • important national cooperations: Foreign Ministry of Austria, UNOV, UNIS, National Youth Council

United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB)
  • postal adress: 519/A, Dhanmondi 1, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • year of establishment: 2001
  • number of members: 1000+
  • main aim: leadership to voluntarism
  • main projects: Bangladesh International Model United Nations (BiMUN), Bangladesh Model United Nations (BANMUN), Eid for Street Children, National Youth Summit, National MUN Workshop Caravan, Project Happy Birthday, Project Rickshaw-Puller, Campaigns against Gender Violence, Zero Hunger Challenge, Researches etc.
  • important national cooperations: United Nations Information Center Bangladesh, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh

United Nations Youth of Canada
  • postal adress:
  • website:
  • year of establishment: 2013
  • age limit for membership:
  • number of members:
  • main aim:
  • main projects:
  • important national cooperations:

United Nations Youth Association Denmark
  • postal adress: United Nations Youth Association, Tordenskjoldsgade 25, St. T. H., 1055 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • year of establishment: 2014
  • age limit for membership: 15-35 (most of our current members are 17-30)
  • number of members: approximately 50 active members
  • main aim: United Nations Youth Association of Denmark (UNYA) is an organization and a community giving young people an opportunity to engage and bring awareness to international development and humanitarian issues related to the work of the United Nations.UNYA Denmark gives young people the opportunity to:
    • Engage with youth interested in similar topics and issues
    • Develop innovative and inspiring ideas for projects, events and happenings with other young people around topics that interest YOU and BRING YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE
    • Create, organize, coordinate and facilitate projects and events in collaboration with other engaging young people
    • Help spread awareness about important and relevant topics/issues from around the globe related to the work of the United Nations
    • Be a part of a COMMUNITY of like-minded young people seeking to be a part of international civil society
  • main projects:
    • UNYA Case Competition:

Real life UN problem solved by students from different universities and disciplines. Approx. 40 participants gets 2 days to come up with creative and innovative solutions in mixed groups to solve the problem posed by the UN agency.
November 2014: UNFPA case
April 2016: UNOPS case (sponsored by DJØF)
May 2017: WFP case (sponsored by Tuborg Fonden)

  • UNYA Talks:

”UNYA Talks” is an expert talk series focusing on the work of the United Nations within specific areas of expertise. The aim is to educate young students on the United Nations connection to their areas of studies and inspire them to use their education to help those in need. The nature of the United Nations allows for and encourages young professionals from all backgrounds to engage in the global community and support international development.

December 2016: UNYA Talks Engineering with IDA Young Professionals

April 2017: UNYA Talks Engineering with IDA at DTU

April 2017: UNYA Talks the United Nations in the 21st century (Aalborg branch edition)

  • Global Health:

Our activities/events are linked to global health (issues) and we try to link them as well to broader societal developments and influences. We try to raise awareness by screening documentaries, holding discussions, providing information through (funny and/or interesting) facts, organising quizzes etc.

So far, we have based our events on UN days (official international UN days).

Example campaigns: World AIDS Day, International Happiness Day, World Environment Day, World Toilet Day.

February 2017: Event on Food Waste (Can we save the world by wasting less food)

  • Equality:

The purpose of the working group is to bring awareness about and against any forms of discrimination, based on gender, religion, nationality and race. We should not make judgment based on stereotypes and prejudices, but based on someone’s character, personality and talents. In order to change a problem, we have to be open about it – be aware of what are the consequences and what can we do together in the society to change that.

January 2017: “Gender Equality: Why does it matters?” with UNWOMEN and NOVA 100

April 2017: CBS Diversity Day

Upcoming event in June 2017 with the Ambassador of Morocco on human rights and anti-discrimination

  • Climate Action:

New working group as of 2017 focused on the SDGs and climate action. Engaging youth in active participation around climate related issues.

(longer description to come)

  • Human Rights:

New working group as of 2017 focused in particular on SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Application for Danish Human Rights Council has been submitted.

First event will be Dignity day in June 2017 in collaboration with Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY).

(longer description to come)

  • Communications and Partnerships:

For Communications, the goal is to maintaining social media and communication channels to the broader public, UNYA members and within working groups as well as document and standardize procedures for the next batch of UNYA members. This includes Facebook, Twitter, UNYA homepage, blogs, #UNYAtakeover, intro letters to new members, and more.

For Partnerships, the aim is to map and build on existing partnerships, identify new possible partners and projects, as well as develop new project opportunities in cooperation with partners. This includes the coordination and facilitation of more ad hoc events, such as Kulturnat, World’s Best News Day, UN Career Day, DIGNITY DAY etc.

Together we build the knowledge base for future UNYA members.

  • important national cooperations:
    • Danish United Nations Association (FN-Forbundet)
    • UN City
    • UN agencies participating in events and projects: UNWOMEN, UNOPS, UNEP, WFP, UNFPA, etc. (UN agencies with offices in Copenhagen)
    • DUF (Danish Youth Council)
    • World’s Best News
    • Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY)
    • AIESEC Denmark
    • IDA (Danish Engineering Society)
    • HeforShe
    • Save the Children Youth Denmark
    • UngEnergi

United Nations Youth and Students’ Association of Finland
  • Suomen YK-nuoret
  • postal adress: P.O. Box 93, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
  • year of establishment: 1967
  • number of members: 6 organizations
  • main aim: support the member organizations in their work “on the field”, implement campaigns on UN related topics, offer support to the Finnish Youth Delegate to the UNGA
  • main projects: Post-2015 advocacy project. Focus on raising awarness among young people and representing the youth voice
  • important national cooperations: Ministry of Education and Culture, UNA Finland, Finnish Youth Cooperation, Allianssi & Finnish civil society expert organisation, Kepa

United Nations Youth Association Germany
  • Junges UNO-Netzwerk Deutschland
  • contact person: Maximilian Wendisch and Manuel Liu
  • postal adress: Zimmerstraße 26/27, 10969 Berlin, Germany
  • year of establishment: 2004
  • age limit for membership: different for every member association
  • number of members: 32 groups
  • main aim: According to its constitution the aims of UNYA Germany are education and the promotion of international understanding and cooperation. These aims are realised by networking and cooperation between its member organisations, encouraging enthusiasm of young people for the United Nations, spreading knowledge about this international organisation and strengthening the commitment for the idea of the United Nations. Thereby UNYA Germany promotes international understanding and cooperation, as well as the aims of the Charter of the United Nations.
  • main projects: lecture series, Model United Nations, summer schools, hosting UN exhibitions (it depends on the member organizations), NGO-Conference, project management workshops, research colloquium
  • important national cooperations: UNA Germany

United Nations Youth Association Ghana
  • postal adress: P.O.Box CT 6591, Cantonments-Accra, Ghana
  • year of establishment: April 2011
  • age limit for membership: 15-35
  • number of members: 30
  • main aim: UNYA-GH exists to formulate, execute and sustain strategic
    projects and programmes in Ghana and elsewhere through collaboration
    with governments, UNA-GH, UNAs, UN, GHUNSA, WFUNA and UN agencies and other development partners by educating and engaging young people in
    the work of the UN for the achievement of its goals.
  • main projects: National Youth Conference, Model United Nations, Intercultural Study Project, Observer Missions, UN Workshops and seminars
  • important national cooperations: National Youth Authority-Ghana, Ghana
    Technology University College, Human Rights and Advocacy Center, Yayra
    Glover ltd, Logos Graduate School

Consules (Italy)
  • postal adress: 184, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – 00186 Rome Italy
  • year of establishment: 2005
  • number of members: +1.000
  • main aim: Consules is a nonprofit organization that promotes the United Nations mission and values organizing international conferences and providing educational internationalization programs. Over the years, Consules has become specialized in the use of simulation processes for the dissemination of knowledge.
  • main projects: MUN•ROME, NTR (New Transatlantic Relations), cycle of 10 conferences (and final roundtable) in the universities concerning Italian foreign policy, other international MUN conferences.
  • important national cooperations: Consules implements its projects in partnership with major Italian universities, Italian and international research centers, public institutions and private sector operators.

United Nations Student Association Norway 
  • FN-studentene Norge
  • postal adress: c/o FN-sambandet. Storgata 33A, 0184 Oslo, Norway
  • year of establishment: 2009
  • age limit for membership: no age limit
  • number of members: 100 individual, 6 associations
  • main aim: promote the values of the UN Charter and the Human Rights Declarations, improve attention to international relations and the UN
  • main projects: Norway MUN
  • important national cooperations: UNA-Norway, The Norwegian Children and Youth Council.

UN Youth Association Romania
  • postal adress: 36-46 Kogalniceanu Boulevard, Fifth Sector, Bucharest
  • year of establishment: 2009 (as the BISMUN Association)
  • number of members: 150
  • main aim: the promotion of the United Nations’ values and activities within the Romanian youth, the Romanian society and the international community
  • main projects: Bucharest International Student Model United Nations (BISMUN), Academic Conference, Moot Courts, Summer School on Diplomacy
  • important national cooperations: member of the Romanian Students Union, founding member of the Romanian Youth Forum
  • important international cooperations: member of the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS), member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

United Nations Association of Russia – Tyumen Youth Section
  • Тюменское молодежное отделение Российской ассоциации содействия ООН (ТМО РАС ООН)
  • postal adress: 23 Lenin St, Tyumen, RUSSIA 625000
  • year of establishment: 2008
  • age limit for membership: 30
  • number of members: 50
  • main aim: enhancing intercultural competences, raising awareness of global issues
  • main projects: Tyumen High-School Model UN, Tyumen Student Model UN, Summer School on Global Studies, Photo and Essay Competition on intercultural experience, Global Classroom, UN program in New York City, International Youth Forum on Intercultural Dialogue
  • important national cooperations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Universities, Federal Agency for Youth Policy, foreign embassies, United Nations Information Centre in Moscow

United Nations Association of Serbia – Youth Section
  • postal adress: Makedonska 22/3, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • year of establishment: 1990
  • age limit for membership: 29
  • number of members: about 1300
  • main aim: promotion of ideals and support for the goals and activities of the United Nations
  • main projects: “UN Week”, “MDGs – Peer education in schools”, “Belgrade International Model UN”, “Human rights education”, “Tolerance Week”, “World heritage in young hands”,”Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change”, “Intercultural youth exchange”
  • important national cooperations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Youth, National Youth Council, Belgrade City Hall etc.

United Nations Association of Slovenia – Youth Section
  • Društvo za Združene narode za Slovenijo – Mladinska sekcija
  • postal adress: Cankarjeva 1/II, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • year of establishment: 2011
  • age limit for membership: 15-29
  • number of members: approx. 180
  • main aim: encouraging youth interest in global issues, broadening youth knowledge of UN, its activities, goals and principles, encouraging youth participation and active citizenship, enabling the youth to take part in informal education, encouraging youth voluntarism, encouraging intergenerational cooperation, supporting research activities of the youth in the field of UN, cooperating, with the authorization of UNAS , with other organizations and associations at home and abroad
  • main projects: Millennium campaign, campaign of students against nuclear weapons, UN workshops at primary and secondary schools, promotion of peace campaign
  • important national cooperations: UNA Slovenia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, US Embassy in Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences – University of Ljubljana, National Educational Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Sloga Platform – platform of humanitarian and development NGOs

United Nations Association of Spain – Youth Section
  • Asociación para las Naciones Unidas en España – Sección de jóvenes
  • postal adress: Via Laietana 51,1º 1ª, Barcelona, Spain
  • year of establishment: 2003
  • age limit for membership: not established officially, around 35
  • number of members: 3 permanent working members, plus different number of interns (university students) depending on the moment of the year
  • main aim: enhancing youth international activities, raising awareness of UN principles through a young perspective, motivating intercultural youth exchange
  • main projects: CMUN, The young Alliance Civilization Forum (2006), Capacity Building Workshops (2007 – 2008), Leadership Workshop (2009), MDG’s Project Management Workshop (2010), CMUN Special Meeting on Human
    Rights in Europe (2008), CMUN Special Meeting – East-West
    Dialogue in Casa Asia ( 2006 – 2010)
  • important national cooperations: Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Barcelona Town hall, Government of Catalonia (Generalitat), Provincial Council of Barcelona

United Nations Youth Association Switzerland
  • Jugend UNO Netzwerk Schweiz (JUNES)
  • postal adress:
  • year of establishment: 2007
  • number of members: 300 (from 10 different member organizations)
  • main aim: cooperation between Swiss youth organizations engaged in the field of the United Nations, use of synergies, awareness rising for questions related to the UN and generally international issues among young people
  • main projects: JUNESMUN: yearly UN simulation in February, ISYFUN (Intra-Swiss Youth Forum United Nations): visit to the UN in Geneva and the ICRC museum, conferences on current debates at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, other UN and MUN workshops, MUN simulations at grammar schools
  • important national cooperations: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Swiss National Youth Council (SNYC)

United Nations Association of Turkey – Youth Section
  • postal adress: Atatürk Bulvarı No: 223/7 Kavaklıdere/Çankaya 06680, Ankara, Turkey
  • year of establishment: 2007
  • number of members: 350
  • main aim: providing information about the position of Turkey in the world diplomacy and its attitude towards other states and international organizations, spreading the aims of the United Nations around Turkey
  • main projects: GenÇevre ( Series of seminars
    and workshops about global warming), publishing the magazine of the UNATR twice a year, Human Rights Weekend, Listening Library (a project for visually handicapped people), some exchange projects
  • important national cooperations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey

United Nations Association of Uganda – Youth Section
  • Postal Address: Plot 16 Martyrs Way Ntinda, Ministers Village P.O.Box 10358, Uganda
  • Year of Establishment: 2007
  • Number of Members: over 1000
  • Main Aim: To promote the aims and ideals of the UNITED NATIONS as a way of ensuring an informed public and larger knowledge about the United Nations, it’s meaning and potentialities.
  • Main Projects: Uganda Model UN, School service programs, Rural youth engagement.
  • Important National Cooperations: United Nations of Uganda, African Union, East African Community, GreatLakes Institute, Tertiary institutions, High schools, and CSOs in different sectors, among others.


1. Indonesia – UNYA Indonesia

2. Poland – UNYA Poland

United Nations Youth Association of Indonesia
  • United Nations Youth Association of Indonesia
  • postal adress: tba
  • year of establishment: 2013
  • age limit for membership: tba
  • number of members: 4
  • main aim: UN Youth Indonesia aims to encourage young people to strive
    towards a greater understanding of global issues, and to educate them about
    the United Nations’ structure, functions and future.
  • main projects: tba
  • important national cooperations: tba

United Nations Youth Association of Poland
  • Stowarzyszenie Narodów Zjednoczonych w Polsce
  • contact person: Maciej Chęciński,
  • postal adress: Wyspiańskiego 5/60, 01-577 Warszawa, Poland
  • website:
  • year of establishment: 2011
  • age limit for membership: none
  • number of members: n.a.
  • main aim: promoting international solidarity and knowledge about
    United Nations and foreign affairs in Poland, organising debates,
    simulations and conferences concerning international policy.
  • main projects: Youth Delegate Programme, debates, Model UN Conferences
  • important national cooperations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


1. Mongolia – UNYAP Mongolia