Kosovo – the torn country with desire to shine throughout Europe

Article by Violete Kurti

After the Balkan war which took place in the 90’s, the small yet struggling country Kosovo has proven several times their desire to become a part of Europe. By self-declaring themselves as independent in 2008, the country has opened discussions whether or not the country is able to be a part of the European Union. As considered as one of the poorest country in Europe, Kosovo’s dream of travel freely in the Schengen area and build up their industry, have faced many doubts if it ever will be realized.

With increased population and low opportunities for employment, Kosovo finds themselves in a dilemma where external aid is needed. Many of the requirements that the EU has presented to Kosovo includes a cooperation with their neighbor in the north, Serbia in order for the country to receive a fair chance. However, that is easier said than done. Long after the war, the two countries are reluctant to cooperate towards a prosperous future and this matter affects the population of Kosovo.

Even though there is no on-going war in the country, a majority finds themselves seeking asylum in the richer countries and hoping to establish a better life there. The problematic event between Serbia and Kosovo causes an unstable environment in the country and hinders Kosovo on their path to become an EU-member.

Since the end of the 1990’s, the UN has had its presence in the country in order to build the country again. The United Nations Mission in Kosovo has played a crucial part in the country when it comes to maintaining peace between the Serbs and Kosovars. Politically, UNMIK’s presence has not been welcomed by all due to the fact it has been considered that Kosovo was forced to follow a path that was not beneficial for the country. It is not only the legal and economic systems that are in need of restoring, also the perception of human rights in the country. Till this day, there are groups in the Kosovar society without any basic human rights. Traditions and prejudices are strong in the country and a reason as to why the UN’s presence is still needed.

UNMIK’s goal with Kosovo is a long process which probably will be needed until Serbia and Kosovo make peace with each other.

The fragile situation between Serbia and Kosovo is intense. Accusations of war crimes and the search of vendetta are very common and the main reason to why Kosovo has not received full recognition from all the independent countries in the world. For instance, Spain has chosen to not recognize the independence of Kosovo, due to the fact that they face a similar situation with Catalonia.

Finally, Kosovo has still a long way to go and as long as Kosovo is willing to create a brighter future for its population, the world and its government will be there as an assistant on the way.

Secretary General 2017, Model United Nations in Italy with Consules

Nicholas Tommasini, Secretary-General of MUN in Rome organized by Consules, Member of UNYANET

What an amazing experience! Being the Secretary General of the Model UN in Italy has been a privilege and a great opportunity for me. Everything began in September when Consules, the Italian association which organizes the MUN, chose me for guiding the national staff through this incredible journey. Hard work and dedication, hours of meeting and promotion all around the country made possible the realization of a conference that has seen the participation of more than one thousand delegates from all over the world. Thanks to my staff and the support of my fellow colleagues of the UNYANET the conference has been a real success. Four days of intensive work, five committees (Security Council, General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and the United Nations Development Program) have become the natural habitat of the future leaders of the international community. The resolutions created were incredibly well done, proving that students motivated in doing something can achieve incredible results. What really makes this experience a dream is that it gathers people who really care about international current challenges of the international community and gives them the opportunity to test their ability to work in a competitive-cooperative arena at the aim of finding an answer to the great problems to which the real leaders of the countries have to face with. From my personal point of view, the role of the SG gave me the possibility to understand the whole process that the MUN creates from a higher perspective. Being involved in the organization of this event means that everything is under your control and you have the chance to decide about the development of this dream. You became the architect of this life-experience, a huge responsibility, believe me! However, when the simulation finished, I definitively realized how important this journey had been for me. The kick-off meeting with my staff revealed for real how much passion we put in realizing the conference. I don’t know if in the future I will have another chance of being a Secretary General but I personally suggest all the students, as I was, to take the opportunity of living this great experience that is a Model United Nations. As the former Secretary General, I would like to invite you to seize this opportunity to learn all you can about the United Nations and imagine how you can contribute to empower the global community to prosper. I am confident that your passion will guide you through this amazing and fascinating adventure and in the days to come. Be brave, be diplomat, be MUNers.

UNA Serbia – Youth Section – Belgrade International Model UN 2012

BIMUN LogoUNA Serbia – Youth Section is glad to inform you that they are organizing for the ninth time in a row the „BELGRADE INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS – BIMUN“ in Belgrade from 15th to 18th March 2012 . Participants at the BIMUN are social science students from all over the world.

BIMUN gives students a possibility to learn more about current international issues and ways to resolve them within the UN system, to apply basic diplomatic courtesy and also contributes to development of their personal skills (public speaking, negotiations, debating and compromise).

In this educational exercise, students take over roles of UN diplomats, represent different countries and discuss certain topics, which are on the agenda. Participants, as delegates, elaborate strategy, prepare resolutions, negotiate and resolve conflicts, following the UN procedure.

„BIMUN 2012“ will be an opportunity for new experiences, diplomatic debates and young leaders networking. The working language of the conference will be English. Continue reading