About Tjalke Weber

Tjalke Weber is President of UNYANET. The M.A. Student in International Politics has been engaged with Model United Nations, UN Youth Associations and Youth-led NGOs since 2006. She works for Youth Empowerment, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development on a local, national and international level. Tjalke is passionate about Politics, Diplomacy, Journalism, Languages and Travels.

Speaking French, Spanish or English? MUIMUN wants YOU!

Do you fancy the thrilling game of world politics? Become an ambassador yourself by representing a foreign country in our 5-days United Nations simulation in Münster, Germany. The conference will take place from 28 March to 1 April.

MUIMUN (Münster University International Model United Nations) offers the chance to meet people from around the world and get involved in thrilling debates about global issues in 9 different UN-related committees following genuine UN rules. The days of committee debates are added by a brilliant daily social evening programme. Please find more information at www.muimun.org.Registrations are open till 15 March 2015 via www.muimun.org/registration/ .

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Münster.


Salut tout le monde!Tu parles couramment français et t’intéresses à la politique internationale et aux Nations Unies? Tu envisages débattre en français des sujets actuels au niveau de la politique mondiale avec d’autres étudiants motivés? Alors, il faut s’inscrire immédiatement au comité UNESCO à MUIMUN 2015 ! Ça sera la deuxième fois qu´un simulation d´UNESCO s´enrôle en français. Deux Chairs expérimentés vont vous accompagner au cours de cette expérience MUN complètement nouvelle.

Enregistrez-vous pour faire partie de MUIMUN 2015 !
Plus d´information sur le comité et sur les sujets : http://www.muimun.org/…/united-nations-educational-scienti…/

Ay perdón!Hablas español con fluidez? Te interesa la política internacional de las NN.UU. y América Latina? Tienes curiosidad por discutir en español con otros estudiantes sobre temas actuales de Suramérica representando uno de los países? Entonces únete y inscríbete en la CEPAL (Comisión Económica para América Latina) en MUIMUN 2015!

La CEPAL hispanohablante tiene su larga tradición en MUIMUN. Cada año el comité está dirigido por un Chair Duo experimentado y garantiza siempre discusiones vehementes y mucha diversión!

Regístrate en www.muimun.org.
Más información sobre el comité y los temas en: http://www.muimun.org/…/comision-economica-para-america-la…/

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A Critical Year: 2015 as Chance for Global Action

On 1 January, in many countries around the world has started what will be one of the most critical years in our lifes. 2015 is a benchmark for several reasons. Not only does it mark the year when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) terminate, but the possibility of the post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) replacing the MDGs and the chance to replace the Kyoto Protocol at the Paris Climate Conference offer an opportunity for the international community to finally fulfill its promise to achieve sustainable development worldwide.

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Youth Policy Forum concludes with Baku Commitments

Committed to youth policy: UN Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, and  UNYANET President Tjalke Weber

Committed to youth policy: UN Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, and UNYANET President Tjalke Weber

(Baku, 30 October) Baku – Be, Act, Know, Unite – is the new formula in youth policy. The First Global Forum on Youth Policies, held in Azerbaijan from 28-30 October, concluded now with the Baku Commitment on Youth Policies.

The Forum was organized by the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNESCO, the Council of Europe and hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Azerbaijan. It brought together 700 participants from 165 countries. The governments officials, youth representatives, researchers and civil society members discussed the development and implementation of youth policies in various countries, tackling the most common challenges as well as sharing best practices and formulating concrete recommendations. The results of their panel discussions, workshops and informal meetings led to the Baku Commitments.

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“You are the key generation” – Video Chat with UN Youth Envoy

UNYANET GA Delegates at the Online Meeting with UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi

UNYANET GA Delegates at the Online Meeting with UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi

UNYANET representatives from 14 countries had the chance to meet Mr Ahmad Alhendawi, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Youth, for a video chat on the occasion of the UNYANET General Assembly 2014 in Rome. The delegates from UN Youth and Students Associations around the world discussed with him “Youth Involvement in the United Nations on the Example of the Post-2015-Agenda”.

Mr. Alhendawi, who had just been at the Opening of the UN General Assembly, began by pointing out the importance of the Post-2015-Agenda as being the crucial issue of the international community, stressing especially the role that young people play in its implementation.

“You are the key generation,” he said. He then summarized the steps that had been taken so far and pointed out the upcoming main events around this issue, mentioning several high-level conferences that will accompany the international negotiations.

The UN Envoy on Youth encouraged the UNYANET representatives to remain actively engaged, to closely follow the events and to lobby their national governments in order to take youth issues into account during the negotiations.

After his keynote speech, Mr Alhendawi took time to answer several questions by the participants. UNYANET used the opportunity to introduce the idea of a global awareness-raising campaign for the Post-2015-Agenda, especially among young people, to Mr Alhendawi and also to present the MUN Passport to him. The Youth Envoy welcomed both initiatives.

The participants of the UNYANET GA 2014 were deeply inspired by the possibility to talk to the UN Envoy on Youth: “It was such an honour to meet him”, said the Austrian delegate. Her colleague added: “He was so inspirational.”

Summer School “Post 2015 Agenda – Future rethought” in Germany

Only 3 of the 8 MDGs were achieved so far. But what follows after the MDGs terminate in 2015? Within the UN, there is a lively debate about establishing Sustainable Development Goals, so-called SDGs, which shall serve for the purpose of securing sustainable development. But what exactly is that? What does the Post2015 Agenda have to do with us, and most importantly: How can we contribute? These are questions being discussed at this year’s Summer School of UNYA Germany.

UNYA Germany invites you to the Summer School „Post2015 Agenda – Future rethought“, taking place from 24-27 September in Bonn, Germany. The programm includes discussions with guest speakers, visits to the UN Secretariats in Bonn (which is the UN City hosting climate agencies such as UNFCC and UNCCD), and talks and lively workshops. There is no participation fee, but voluntary contributions of 15 EUR for catering are appreciated.

The summer school takes place in German and English, with interpretation for guests. Please register online until 08 August. For more information, contact UNYA Germany.

Crowdsourcing Platform for Youth Priorities in the Post-2015 Agenda

On 18 February the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, in partnership with other UN entities, international NGOs, and youth groups and stakeholders, has launched the online crowdsourcing platform for youth priorities in the post-2015 development agenda. Moderated by both UN agencies and youth organizations, this online crowdsourcing platform allows for the instant interaction between thousands of young people around the world, giving them the opportunity to share their ideas on youth development. The expected outcome of the crowdsourcing initiative is a consolidated list of youth priorities to be shared with Member States for the intergovernmental deliberations.
Ahmad Alhendawi encourages youth constituencies to not only join in the online discussions, but also mobilize their networks to promote the crowdsourcing initiative and help them to build a collective vision for youth in the post-2015 Development Agenda. Please make your voice heard through https://crowdsourcing.itu.int. More information is available at http://www.un.org/youthenvoy/news/crowdsourcing-initiative-on-youth-in-the-post-2015-development-agenda-launched-today/.

Ban Ki-Moon meets young Germans

Future? Only with us! Young Germans present demands to the UN for a sustainable future

Berlin. As part of his official visit to Germany, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met with 19 young people. The talk focused on “Challenges for a sustainable future” and was organized by UNA Germany. In the end, the young people presented their demands to the UN for a sustainable future.

Ban Ki-moon encouraged the young people in their engagement for a global, sustainable and holistic thinking and asked them to become global citizens. “Invest your dreams and energy,” said the Secretary-General. But he also called upon the young people not to forget about different realities. “This world needs your passion and compassion,” said Ban.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon discussed with young people from Germany about "Challenges for a Sustainable Future".

The young people demanded a holistic understanding of sustainability, which combines ecological, economic and social action.They also stressed the importance of education as a key solution. “Education for sustainable development needs to become an inherent part of school curricula around the world, so that people can decide for a sustainable lifestyle”, demanded the representatives of Youth Organisations.

Tjalke Weber (UNYANET Presidency) introduced the idea of Green Conference Management as a way of sharing green technologies. She also pointed out that sustainability is often interlinked with the question of survival. Ban Ki-Moon agreed by stating that “food comes first, education is second. People need to satisfy their hunger for food before they can satisfy their hunger for knowlegde.” Therefore, he has launched the Zero Hunger Challenge and a Global Initiative on Education.

Time to Negotiate

“He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat.” – Robert Estabrook

It’s time to learn the “art of diplomacy”: succesfully negotiate your position! The first online negotiation training by UNYANET in 2014 takes place on Thursday, 9 January 2014 at 6.30 pm CET.

We are going to negotiate cases developed by expert centers such as the University of Harvard, organize role-plays, and play learning-by-doing activities. And all this, ONLINE!
In a globalized and modern world, negotiations will take place throughout the whole world, without travelling, but via online negotiations. At this point the UNYANET Negotiation Club  helps to provide students with experience. Topics range from Job interviews to business negotiations as well as conflict management.

Interested? Send an email to Bernd Hermann and register for the session until Wednesday, 8 January in the evening.

United Nations Day 2013


On 24 October we celebrate United Nations Day to mark the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter in 1945. Since then, the UN has made a difference in many of our lives. Promoting peace and Human Rights, fighting poverty and climate change, helping refugees and working for education are only few examples. Here are 60 ways the UN makes a difference. We want to know from you: What difference does the UN make in YOUR life? Tell us! And help us celebrate United Nations Day 2013. Happy #UNday !