These are our amazing volunteers:

  • Administration

Julia BriukhovaName: Julia Briukhova
Human Resources Manager
Ukraine, but right now I am living in Switzerland
International Economics in Ukraine and right now I am finishing my Master studies at the University of Vienna (Master of Business Administration).
Experience: I used to be a part of AIESEC team in Vienna and Zurich (external relations, talent management, Career Days). Right now I am volunteering for a charity organization Esperanza International e.V. (project manager), Foundation for work integration in Zurich (job coach), WWF Switzerland (event management) and UNYANET (human resources manager).

For me volunteering for UNYANET is a meaningful experience because I like to look for new ways to support the development of the organization, challenge others, deliver best possible results and cooperate with people from different countries.

IRENE MUGAIName: Irene Mugai
Position: Administrative Assistant to the Board
Age: 23
Country: Kenya
Studies: Business Administration, Kenya
Experience: I have worked before in the Administration sector, in private, government and in United Nations organizations.

It’s a wonderful experience for me!


Liyana Othman UOL 2Name: Liyana Othman
Fundraising Director and PR Consultant
BSc Economics, University of London, lead school London School of Economics
Experience: Liyana Othman, 23, is a Singaporean BSc Economics graduate from the University of London, lead college: London School of Economics and Political Science. She hopes to promote socioeconomic empowerment and development through youth and women, and currently volunteers as Country Ambassador for Project Inspire.

Love volunteering!


Bikash Chandra PaulName: Bikash Chandra Paul
Age: 21
Country: Bangladesh
Studies: Accounting and Information Systems, University of Dhaka
Experience: 1,5 years volunteering with UNYANET

If you ask me to tell something about volunteering with UNYANET, I should say one thing only. Volunteering with UNYANET is informative and interesting in which I personally find pleasure.

Name: Emmi Anttila
Age: 21
Country: Finland
Studies: Political Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Experience: I am fairly new to all this UN activity but extremely motivated. I am currently the vice president of UNA of Jyväskylä and a board member of UN Youth of Finland. I joined both of the associations less than a year ago.

Volunteering has been fun.

Name: Jenni Seppänen
Age: 21
Country: Finland
Studies: Political science at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Experience: At the moment I’m the president of our local UN association in Jyväskylä. In
addition, I’m a board member of UN Youth of Finland and I am organizing
international cooperation.

I am really interested in the work of UN Associations and I’m happy to be a part of UNYANET.

Name: Andreja Friškovec
Position: Fundraising Manager for UNYANET Study Trip
Age: 20
Country: Slovenia
Studies: Law, Ljubljana
Experience: I’m a volunteer for Amnesty International Slovenia, United Nations Association Slovenia (UNAS) and UNYANET.

I like volunteering, it’s an interesting spare time activity.

Samuel AsanteName: Samuel Amofa Asante
Age: 22
Country: Ghana
Studies: Political Science and Information Studies, University of Ghana
– Managing Director, Go Help Africa (NGO)
– Intern, United Nations Information Centre, Accra
– Intern, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration, Ghana
– El-finesse Limited (Job Recruitment Agency)

I am excited about volunteering, it makes me feel like I am giving back to society. I want to make the world a better place than I came to meet it for the next generation after me and those after them, be the voice of the voiceless and marginalised in the community and the world at large.

Valeriia SavinaName: Valeriia Savina
Age: 21
Country: Russia
Studies: Russian Philology, Tyumen State University (Tyumen, Russia)
Experience: I have become part of the MUN movement in 2009 when I was just at the 9th grade. By 2012 I had participated in three Tyumen MUNs. In 2012, I joined the organizing team of Tyumen MUN. Outside Tyumen, I was President of the English-speaking Security Council at Ekaterinburg MUN in July 2013; in November 2013, I represented Iran in the English-speaking Security Council at Ekaterinburg MUN; in March 2015, I represented Angola in the English-speaking Security Council at Münster MUN (MUIMUN). In July 2013, I participated in the MUN Workshop in Vienna.

Volunteering is just great: helping in making events successful, meeting new people, gaining new experience, learning new skills is always a wonderful idea.

This movement literally became a part of my life, and I cannot imagine me without being a part of it. It gives me an incredible opportunity to improve myself and become better in things that are far cry from my field of study; to be aware of the most important problems of today’s world and have my own view on them.

sohaib rubnawazName: Sohaib Rubnawaz
Age: 22
Country: Pakistan
Studies: Human Resource Management, Pakistan
Experience: I am a HR professional currently working as a consultant in Pakistan.

I am a great advocate of youth empowerment and a firm believer in the fact that youth has a key role to play to make this world a better place to live.


Name: Tobias Gebetsberger
Age: 28
Country: Austria
Studies: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science
Experience: Throughout my academic career, an international focus has always been central. I made both my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees through international programs. In a globalized world, it is important to learn from colleagues with different academic and cultural backgrounds to master the challenges of today’s society.

UNYA offers a platform to interact with young, enthusiastic and smart students from all around the world. Being a part of this group is a lot of fun and spurs my motivation to continue an international careers. I currently hold a position at the Austrian Trade Commission in Copenhagen, where I can put the skills trained at UNYA into practice.

12026562_10155941051465161_1761714962_nName: Yeo Yan Yin, Amanda

Age: 22
Country: Malaysia
Studies: Graduated from BSc Economics and Finance, University of London, lead school London School of Economics
perience: I have been actively involved in curricular activities during university life. Been elected as executive committee member under Malaysian Community. Also been organising chairperson for Chinese New Year event 2014. I also participated in corporate trips, summer school in Cambridge, business training, data analysis course and internship in Taiwan during my summer holidays.
I’m active in UNYANET since Dec 2014 and found such association has the potential to grow and achieve further. I was given the opportunity to write articles, edit other volunteer’s articles, conduct “Post-2015 agenda workshop” during GA and do WHS questionnaires. Really thankful what UNYANET gave me so far and will try to let more Asian youths involve and build a better future.

Name: Nkosikhona Duma
Age: 20
Country: South Africa
Studies: Bachelor of Community and Development Studies, candidate. University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Experience: Rotary Youth Ambassador, 2014-2015

I want to become magazine editor and lead a UN Youth Organisation of South Africa within UNYANET.

Name: Sakshi Jain
Age: 21
Country: India, but I have been living in the United Arab Emirates for the past 18 years now.
Studies: Economics and Finance from the University of London (Lead College LSE) in Singapore. I will be going to King’s College London for my post grad in International Political Economy this fall.
ExperienceI have undertaken several internships spanning international trade and research, and am currently working with The Asian Banker in a Research trainee position. 

I think volunteering with UNYANET has been an enriching experience. I get to do what I love best – research and write, and everyone I have interacted with so far has been a pleasure to work with.

Name: Sohail Lone
Country: Pakistan
Studies: Bachelor of Commerce, University Of Wollongong-Australia
Experience: Worked as an Audit Intern at Deloitte Touché Middle East for four months. Worked as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Intern at Deloitte Touché for 2 months. Worked as finance intern and audit assistant in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Worked as intern at University of Wollongong in Dubai.

UNYANET has provided a good platform for young people who want to contribute their ideas. It’s been a privilege to work as UNYANET blog volunteer. The topics assigned to me for writing were quite interesting. UNYANET staff members were quite helpful. Through my time as volunteer I enjoyed reading new articles.

Name: Charlene Chin
Age: 23
Country: Malaysia
I studied Economics and Finance, under the University of London (lead college: London School of Economics and Political Science).
Experience: I am currently working as a business journalist with CNBC Asia Pacific, where I contribute to the editorial content of a live news show. I ensure that breaking news are covered on air with sufficient elements, such as videos and soundbites, complying to the editorial restrictions of air time. Besides this, I make sure that the latest news pieces are covered and updated in real time, and write news pieces for the show.
Prior to this, I worked as a media monitor for a public relations firm, where I picked out news pieces and articles utilising Factiva, a SEO research tool pooling pay-walled and free content on the web.  I gauged which pieces were relevant to the company’s clients, wrote reports, and kept track of updates from rival companies. I focused on news in the natural gas sector.
I have also worked as a journalist for FutureGov.Asia, a trade publication catering to chief technology government officers across Asia Pacific. During my stint with the company, I interviewed senior government officials and academics in the region, amassing contacts across the region and gaining a deep understanding of public policy measures. 

Richard Odei-NkansahName: Richard Odei-Nkansah
Age: 23 years
Country: Ghana
Studies: Publishing Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University Of Ghana

This volunteering work will be very good.





Ruber Tumen

Name: Ruben Tumert Hansen
Age: 32
Country: Norway
Studies: Global Studies, MHS
Experience: Years of leading my local UNYA, sitting on the local UNA board of governors, the board of UNYA Norway, working with visual media
Duties include liaison ‘tween the UNYA of Norway and UNYANET and attempts at improving transparency, communication and workflow of UNYANET