At every General Assembly, UNYANET members decide on the projects to be implemented during the year. The network, its working groups and volunteers currently facilitate the following projects:

Furthermore, the UNYANET General Assembly can install Experts Commissions to work on specific tasks. These are generally open to all Member Associations. Currently, the following three commissions are being carried out:

  • Experts Commission on Fundraising, contact pau.petit[at]
  • Experts Commission on Membership, contact anapodgornik[at]
  • Experts Commission on Science, contact peter.kumer[at]



2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. I’m 18 years recently I visited south Sudan in a place called torrit to visit a friend and i saw how children. were not able to access education .I was so touched I thoght in my brain that since my dad has a school maybe we could get these children to join it .I was told it impossible because of the immigration policies in Tanzania. I wanted you guys to help me reachout to these children and bring them to Tanzania in order to give them education in a peaacefull environment .please reply me I told my dad and he likes the idea cause his school teaches the Cambridge curriculum..

  2. We are Humanity for Youths and Children Association (HUFYCA). We are living in The Gambia. HUFYCA is a voluntary Association registered in The Gambia, West Africa. It is good the youth to have a network inordet to help in addressing their own problems.
    What can wr do to join thr network?
    Thank you
    Masanneh Jalliw

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