Green Conference Management


Green Conference

Conferences, especially those that welcome international participants, naturally cause some impact on the environment they are hold in. This impact ranges from the electricity, heating and water used at the conference site to consumed food and waste to conferences materials and the participants’ travels. So-called “Green Conferences” aim at minimizing their impact by different measures without losing on conference quality.

Although the term “Green Conference” is widely known and displays the general intention to keep the conference as environmentally friendly as possible, there is no commonly agreed concept of how to conduct a Green Conference or even an international label that sets certain standards. Still, there are some local organizations offering their own label or certificate. To find out about those should be the first step, so that all following actions can take the specific requirements into account. However, even with certain requirements at hand, the following handbook will be a good guidance on how to make a conference in all aspects ‘greener’.

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