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Aim and Content

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The IT Working Group provides IT-related services both for UNYANET’s member organisations and for the network itself. It is also responsible for maintaining the network’s web services.

Aim and Content

As of 2013/2014, three major projects have been assigned to UNYANET IT:

  1. Creating the necessary technical infrastructure for hosting a database of MUN conferences on the UNYANET website which will allow visitors to browse a registry of MUN conferences. Visitors will be able to browse the database via a calendar and a map interface.
  2. Providing useful conference management software to member organisations. In particular, UNYANET is planning to release a software to its members that will facilitate resolution drafting and debating in MUN (or other) committees.
  3. Providing continued support and maintenance for UNYANET’s web presence, e-mail services and web conferencing solutions. This includes both regular administrative tasks and evaluating potential for optimisation within the current infrastructure.

Officer and Contact

The IT Officer is Tim Wiegmann, 23 years old and currently working towards his Master’s degree in physics at the University of Kiel, Germany. He says about himself:

Tim Wiegmann“I discovered the world of Model United Nations in 2010 and have, since then, taken part in or overseen the preparation and organisation of a variety of MUN conferences in Germany and around Europe. After taking part in several international UN-related youth cooperation projects, the logical next step was to become involved with UNYANET, where I will be supporting the network’s IT infrastructure. In my free time, I enjoy weird hobbies such as online flight simulation and travelling Europe by train.”

Contact: tim[.]wiegmann[@]unyanet[.]org



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