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The UNYANET Working Group on Model United Nations shall facilitate the exchange of experience, the sharing of ideas and improve MUNs in large by carrying out mutual projects. The idea is to bring UNYANET Member Associations together and share experiences regarding the following issues:

  • how to decide what is the best topic for each committee
  • how to choose which committee to simulate
  • what way do participants apply for MUN (e.g. online application)
  • and how to form the organizing team.

Aim and Content

The main purpose of the Working Group is to provide information for all Member Associations to form a strong connection among them and help each other in organizing MUNs. In order to do that, we will conduct a survey about most important problems regarding MUN organization. The survey results will be incorporated in the „MUN Guide“ this working group writes. The Guide will cover different issues one is facing while organizing a Model United Nations, such as:

  • what is a MUN
  • MUN vocabulary
  • dealing with applications/applicants/participants
  • position papers
  • writing a resolution
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Languages
  • Diplomatic courtesy
  • etc.


Aleksandr_BolotnovAleksandr Bolotnov is a 4th year student of Tyumen State University (Russia), Department of International Relations. Furthermore, he was Secretary-General of Tyumen International Model UN 2013, the President of UNA Russia-Tyumen Youth Section (2013 – 2014) and is the MUN Officer within UNYANET since September 2014.

Contact: aleksandr.bolotnov[@]



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  1. It is Rabia Ahmad I’m a student of Pharm-D and also active member of many local social organizations.I wana join this what about criteria…..

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