What is Resa?

At most Model UN conferences, chairpersons use a standard text editor (like Microsoft Word) to display and edit resolutions. Resa is a text editor that has been specially designed for the use in MUN committees, and will greatly reduce the workload of your chairpersons.

What can Resa do for me as a chairperson?

  • You type and edit only the raw text of a resolution. Resa will take care of doing the layout, and will create a realistically formatted version of your resolution on the fly.
  • You write your resolution in a control window (which has been optimised for fast and comfortable editing), and the automatically layouted version will instantly appear in a separate window (that you can show to your delegates with a projector).
  • You can enter and store amendments using a convenient user interface. Amendments will not be shown in the display version of the resolution unless you specifically request it.
  • Stored amendments will automatically be updated if the clause numbering of the resolution changes.
  • On request, a preview of an amendment is given in the display version of your resolution, showing both the old and new text of a clause and highlighting any changes.
  • Amendments can be saved together with a resolution, and you can save and restore at any point in the workflow.

Tell me more about Resa!

Please take a look at the Feature Overview.

Who can use Resa? Is it free?

Conferences hosted by or officially endorsed by UNYANET members can use Resa for free! You just need to sign a Licence Agreement with the developer.

I want to use Resa for my conference. What do I do?

Contact [email protected] with the following details:

  • Name and address of your organisation
  • Name and position of a representative who will sign the licence agreement
  • Name, date and location of your conference

We will provide you with a version personalised for your conference via e-mail.

I have a question regarding the program functionality or the terms of the licence agreement. Who do I contact?

Please contact [email protected]

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