UNYANET Summit 2013 Press Release

UNYANET Summit 2013, LjubljanaUNYANET is pleased to announce a new format for its annual meeting by UNYANET Summit 2013 including a Capacity Building Seminar and the third UNYANET General Assembly in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19-23 August 2013.

See full Press Release – UNYANET Summit 2013.

UNDPI: MUN Workshop in New York, August 27 to 29 2012

UNDPI are organising a MUN workshop in New York City, August 27 to 29 2012. The aim is to provide students who are organising MUNs at university level with a better understanding of the working procedures of the UN. The focus of the workshop is the work of the General Assembly and how it operates:

“The workshop will focus on giving MUN organizers a basic understanding of the General Assembly’s Rules and Procedures, the discussion and action phases of General Assembly Committee meetings, what you need to know when drafting resolutions, the duties and responsibilities of the UN Secretariat and General Assembly officials, and more.”

More information and the registration form can be found here.