UNDPI launches UN Calendar App for 2013

UN Calendar AppAs we approach 2013, we wanted to share with you a new App launched by UNDPI earlier this month which we hope you will find useful. This electronic version of the print “United Nations Making a Difference 2013” educational calendar is a handy tool that not only uses international days to showcase what the UN does through photos, videos and web links, but also features what the UN does in peace and security, economic development, social development, human rights, environment, international law, humanitarian affairs, health etc.

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New Calendar Online

We upgraded our the official UNYANET calendar on our web site. You can now find all the events of UNYANET, its member associations as well as its partners. This is therefore the easiest way to get an overview about the activities of the UNYANET, its members associations and how to join them. Just click on a specific event and you will find more information about it. You can also important the calendar and never miss an event of UNYANET and its member associations. We will constantly update and upgrade the calendar with any upcoming events.

You have an event you would like us to add the calendar? Just send us a mail!