Workshops on intercultural dialogue for students of Slovenian primary and secondary schools


Photo: Workshops on intercultural dialogue, UNA Slovenia

The United Nations Association of Slovenia prepared a workshop on intercultural dialogue and is carrying it out in Slovenian primary and secondary schools in cooperation with Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO.

In December 2012, the United Nations General Assembly declared the period 2013 – 2022 as the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was entitled with the coordination of the activities which will seek to promote social inclusion and intercultural dialogue with the aim of improving global understanding in the world. Continue reading

A Chalkboard Note from the Media Workshop

Media Workshop ChalkboardIt was a long, inspiring weekend we had at the Media Workshop in Basel and Zurich, hosted by UNYA Switzerland in November 2011. This inspiration did not end with after the official program in the afternoon was over. Discovering Basel in the night together, sharing ideas and looking back at the last view days, some participants were so motivated to express their motivation and feelings on a chalkboard. See for yourself!

Gallery Update: Oslo, Media Workshop and Headers

16It has taken some time, but we are glad to inform you that the Gallery is now up to date with all the past events. We uploaded some pictures of our last event, the Media Workshop in Basel and Zurich, hostet by UNYA Switzerland (JUNES). Furthermore, we added the photos from the first Youth Cooperation and Projects Seminar in Oslo, November 2010, when many of the current members if UNYANET met for the first time. Finally, we added two new header images and if you want to look at all the header images on our webpage, we created an own gallery with all the header images for you convinience.

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UNYANET Media Workshop 2011

Worldwide UNYAs are youth organizations that initiate local and global activities on a regular basis. These organizations, compiled mainly by university students and youth are lacking the capability of informing the people who are not involved directly with the organization on the activities, projects and goals of the UNYA. This workshop, organized by UNYANET for its member associations, shall provide information and intense training for the participatants about the media and who to present the activities of their associations to them

The workshop will take place from Thursday, November 24, to Saturday, November 26, in Zurich Switzerland. It is hosted by JUNES, UNYA Switzerland, and supported by the European Youth in Action Program in Switzerland. The content of the workshop is provided by several media experts:

  • Alex Benjamin, spokesman and media officer of the British delegation, the ECR group in the European Parliament.
  • Jo Groebel, Director of the German Digital Institut Berlin, Cinema for Peace, UNESCO Global Study on Children and the Media Co-ordinator, Co-Founder of the World Internet Project (University of Southern California) (tbc)
  • Elinadav Heymann, Director of the European Parliament Desk at EFI,mPolicy Advisor of Foreign Affairs, Stage at European Parliament

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