Geneva International Model of United Nations: Bilingualism and its benefits

Who is GIMUN?

GIMUNGIMUN is an accredited NGO by the United Nations fully managed by students and has a special consultative status by the Economic and Social Council committee. GIMUN is part of JUNES (the Swiss UN Youth Association) who is one of the founding members of UNYANET. Each year we have the chance to welcome to Geneva, in our different activities, around 500 students from all across the world. Our main event is the Annual Conference where we try to bring students closer to the diplomatic and political world. We seek to promote the UN values in order to achieve a greater peace. During the different events, the participants learn how essential negotiation and collaboration are, and their key-role for development. “Bringing students closer to the United Nations” Continue reading

New Calendar Online

We upgraded our the official UNYANET calendar on our web site. You can now find all the events of UNYANET, its member associations as well as its partners. This is therefore the easiest way to get an overview about the activities of the UNYANET, its members associations and how to join them. Just click on a specific event and you will find more information about it. You can also important the calendar and never miss an event of UNYANET and its member associations. We will constantly update and upgrade the calendar with any upcoming events.

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