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UNYANET LogoUNYANET adds a fifth project in its activities by launching a blog at the International Press Freedom Day 3 May 2013.  The blog supports the freedom of expression and the inclusion of the youth by offering a global channel of communication from the youth to decision-makers and a tool for perfecting the youth’s ideas about world politics through interaction. UNYANET invites everybody to participate in the exchange of views and especially the UN agencies and international leaders to follow the discussions.

Please see a full Press Release and visit the new UNYANET Blog.

YPCS 2012: Online Participation Opportunity

This year, we will to extend the online participation opportunities for the Youth Projects and Cooperation Seminar as well as for the General Assemlby 2012 in Izmir, Turkey: One using our online meeting platform, another one just for the projects developed at the seminar after the General Assembly. In both cases, participation is only possible for member associations or for those who have registered using the registration that can be found below.

UNYANET Newsmailer Implemented

You want to stay up to date with the projects of UNYANET? You want to be the first to get to know what the members of UNYANET are doing? You want to get the news from the UNYANET webpage into your mailbox?

Newsmailer-InformationThis is your chance: Sign up for the new implemented newsmailer of UNYANET and will get a mail into your mailbox everytime there is a new post on the website. This way, you will stay up to date without having to visit any other webpage, just check your mailbox. You can register for UNYANET Newsmailer by adding your name and mailaddress on the right side of the UNYANET Webpage.

eSeminar about Prezi this Sunday

Prezi LogoUNYANET will hold its first online eSeminar this Sunday, October 23, at 21.00 CEST. The seminar will introduce the participants about the use of Prezi and its options to improve the presentation skills. The seminar is lead by Pau Petit Iglesis, member of the UNA Spain – Youth Section. The participation is limited to those who registered. However, if you are still interested, please send a mail to [email protected] including your association.

eSeminar about Prezi

One of the main aims of UNYANET is to facilitate the share of knowledge among its member associations. To do so, UNYANET will organise several short online seminars (called eSeminars). The topic of each of these seminars will be different and related to the work of the member associations of UNYANET.

Pau Petit IglesiasDue to great interest in Vienna, we decided that the first eSeminar will be about Prezi, a new way to make presentations. It will be held by Pau from UNA Spain – Youth Section and will show all participants how to use Prezi. After an introduction and a Q&A answer session, all participants can share their experience how presentations can be more interesting by using new technologies or presentation techniques.

To attend, fill out th form which can be found at the end of this news.
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