Geneva International Model of United Nations: Bilingualism and its benefits

Who is GIMUN?

GIMUNGIMUN is an accredited NGO by the United Nations fully managed by students and has a special consultative status by the Economic and Social Council committee. GIMUN is part of JUNES (the Swiss UN Youth Association) who is one of the founding members of UNYANET. Each year we have the chance to welcome to Geneva, in our different activities, around 500 students from all across the world. Our main event is the Annual Conference where we try to bring students closer to the diplomatic and political world. We seek to promote the UN values in order to achieve a greater peace. During the different events, the participants learn how essential negotiation and collaboration are, and their key-role for development. “Bringing students closer to the United Nations” Continue reading

UNYA Switzerland – Investigating Corporate Social Responsibility

UN Photo/Mark Garten

Global Compact Summit at the UN headquarters. UN Photo/Mark Garten

This summer an innovative intercultural study project between UNYA Switzerland and UNYA Ghana sets new standards for global collaboration between UN Youth associations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained increased global attention in the recent years for its potential to tackle future global challenges of conflicting demands. Situated in between major global actors, CSR is a tool targeting companies and businesses to uphold certain ethical standards in their practices. It is an attempt to balance the global economy and build a stronger global social and environmental equilibrium.

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UNYA Switzerland – ISYFUN 2012

On December the 14th 2012 UNYA Switzerland organizes the fourth edition of ISYFUN (Intra-Swiss Youth Forum United Nations) in Geneva. Through a one-day program participants get to explore two of the main actors on the international humanitarian aid scene.

The program includes a visit to the headquarters of the International Red Cross and the World Health Organization and a presentation on the organizations’ activities and commitments at the headquarter in Geneva. During ISYFUN the participants will receive an inside point of view on these global-impact organizations as well as a chance to learn about humanitarian work in general. If you think about entering the field of humanitarian aid or just want to know more about the topic, ISYFUN 2012 is the perfect opportunity!

When? 14 December 2012, from 10:00 to 17:00

Where? Geneva, Switzerland

Registrations: [email protected], by 30 November

Please indicate: First name, last name, MUN Team (if any), and field of study.

See the flyer of the event! We look forward to meeting you at ISYFUN 2012!

UNYA Switzerland – 3rd Edition of Youth Perspectives

GIMUNGeneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) would like to inform you of the third edition of Youth Perspectives, taking place this autumn semester.

Youth Perspectives is a conference aimed at giving young adults the opportunity to exchange their points of view, negotiate contrasting perspectives, elaborate a common position and then develop a sustainable solution for various issues surrounding the selected theme. This will be a great opportunity to be in contact with people from different parts of Switzerland, Europe and the whole world, all of whom share the same concerns.

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A Chalkboard Note from the Media Workshop

Media Workshop ChalkboardIt was a long, inspiring weekend we had at the Media Workshop in Basel and Zurich, hosted by UNYA Switzerland in November 2011. This inspiration did not end with after the official program in the afternoon was over. Discovering Basel in the night together, sharing ideas and looking back at the last view days, some participants were so motivated to express their motivation and feelings on a chalkboard. See for yourself!