UNA Slovenia Youth Section has elected a new Board

Longtime president of UNA Slovenia Youth Section Adriana Aralica (left) and new president Kaja Primorac (right.

Longtime president of UNA Slovenia Youth Section Adriana Aralica (left) and new president Kaja Primorac (right).

Together with this year’s March spring breeze came also a new team to the UNA Slovenia Youth Section. A new Board, which will lead young volunteers in the coming year, was elected at the fourth Member’s Assembly of the Youth Section on the 25th February.

A longtime activist Adriana Aralica, who is responsible for the establishment of the Youth Section, its excellent operation and commitment of its volunteers in the past four years, stepped down as the President of the Youth Section.

New Board of the UNA Slovenia Youth Section was elected, consisting of Kaja Primorac as a president of the Youth Section, Sabina Carli as a Vice President, Arbnore Avdylaj, Ajda Gracia Golob, Maruša Rus, Vid Tomić and Urška Učakar.

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Summer School on the United Nations

summer schoolThe United Nations Association of Slovenia-Youth organizes the “Summer school on the United Nations: Youth competencies for the challenges of the globalized world” – a 3-days youth conference which will be attended by young activists aged between 18 and 30 years. The conference will be organized in Ljubljana between10 and 12 September 2014.

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UNYANET Summit 2013 Registration is Open

UNYANET Summit 2013, LjubljanaRegistration to UNYANET Summit 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is now open!

UNYANET Summit 2013 will take place 19-23 August 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and all members and observers are encouraged to attend. The program will include a national capacity building seminar in form of workshops and interactive project development and the UNYANET General Assembly on the last day, 23 August.

For more information and registration, please refer to UNYANET Summit 2013 Website.

UNA Slovenia Youth Section – Adama Dieng lectured on Hate Speech and Stimulation of Genocide

Adama Dieng (left)

Mr. Adama Dieng (left) in the company of the President of UNA Slovenia, Dr. Bojko Bučar

On Wednesday 10 April 2013, Mr. Adama Dieng, a Special Adviser to United Nations Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide, was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. Co-organized by the UNA Slovenia Youth Section, Mr. Dieng held a lecture on the topic of hate speech and the stimulation of genocide. He raised problems that the international community faces when determining stimulation of genocide and trying to find a balance between the freedom of speech and the prevention of hate speech.

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UNA Slovenia Youth Section – Celebration of World Water Day with a roundtable

Photo: Mojca Kovač.

Photo: Mojca Kovač.

On Thursday, 21 March 2013, the United Nations Association of Slovenia celebrated the World Water Day by organizing a roundtable “More space for water”. The issue of water is increasingly at the forefront of political debate in light of climate change, pollution and rapid population growth.

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UNA Slovenia Youth Section – Successful 2nd Annual Assembly

UNA SloveniaThe second annual assembly of UNA Slovenia Youth Section was held on Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Members of the Youth Section reviewed last year’s activities and set a work plan for 2013 that will focus on the international year of cooperation in the field of water and active international cooperation.

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UNA Slovenia Youth Section – Interview on Water with Dr. Dušan Plut

Dr. Dušan Plut : “Climate change will also require sustainable water resource management in Slovenia” 

Dr. Dušan Plut. Photo: Peter Kumer.

Dr. Dušan Plut. Photo: Peter Kumer.

To celebrate the International World Water Day (22 March), UNA Slovenia organized a roundtable on 21 March called ”More space for water”. In preparation for the panel discussion, they talked to prof. Dr. Dušan Plut from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, about water resources in Slovenia. His fields of research include geography, natural resources and hydrology. In the interview, Dr. Plut explains challenges related to the water situation in Slovenia, proposes means to overcome these challenges, and presents different point of views on the eco-friendliness of hydroelectricity.

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UNA Slovenia Youth Section – Travelogue lectures and the exhibition “School – the key to development: students of Angola, Malawi and Ghana”

School Key to Development

Ms. Polona Koželj’s travelogue lecture

From November 2012 until April 2013, the headquarters of the UNA Slovenian Youth Section are hosting an exhibition of the Slovenian School Museum “School – the key to development: students of Angola, Malawi and Ghana”. UNA Slovenia Youth Section combined putting up this exhibition with organizing three travelogue lectures between November 2012 and January 2013. Lectures enabled authors of the exhibition from the Slovenian School Museum to share their experiences with the visitors.

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